Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to the Compare Your Parking service.

Yes, we have authorized procedures and carry out the transaction in full privacy. The entire details of your credit cards and payments are fully protected whilst you are using the service and we remove all the data from our server on the completion of booking procedure.

All alterations and cancellations are obliged to be shared with the
All amendments will be based on the terms and condition of
The customers who desires to diminish or prolong the stays for their reserved service will be liable to follow the deductions and payments accordingly.

We take the feedback and complaints of our customers very seriously and respond them as early as possible. Please send your complaints using ''contact form" from contact us page and we will forward them to your chosen service provider or you can send them your complaint directly. The is the booking agent and is liable for the payments and "car parking" booking procedures but cannot be held the responsible of complaints against any car loss, damages, service delays. A customer's contract is directly with the car park and any issues that may arise should be dealt with the service provider directly.

Please check Terms and Conditions "Section-4" and "Section-5". All cancellation requests should be made in writing through our customer support link or via email on

As per your arranged time, the service provider will arrange their representative to the Airport to collect your vehicle.

Yes, you can change your return date 24hrs prior to the departure date. Once you left your vehicle with the service provider then you must contact to the service provider with your new return date and time.

Regular business customers are offered accounts by Compare Your Paarking. For more details, please Contact Us.

Yes, you can make special requests and we will try and help you in every possible way. While booking online, specify your special requests. We value our customers and are always interested and eager to fulfill all your requirements.

Please email us using the contact us page or call us between 9:00AM to 5:00PM, Mon to Friday.

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