Terms & Conditions

These Terms & Conditions apply to all bookings accepted by the Compare Your Parking to the exclusion of any other terms.

Section : 1 Bookings
  • 1.1 Compare Your Parking will endeavour to ensure that your confirmation voucher is emailed to the email address you provide on the booking form.

    1.2 If for any reason your booking confirmation has not been received you must contact us immediately as no refund is available for no shows or if cancellation is received less than 48 hours before you are due to arrive at the car park.

    1.3 Please click on the "More Info" on product(s) for any additional surcharges, operational hours, limitations, more information about service provider etc. Any additional charges are charged by the service provider/car parking company independently and bare no relevance to Compare Your Parking or our advertised prices.

    1.4 Compare Your Parking acts only as a booking agent for the service provider for the featured car parks. It does not itself provide the parking services.

    1.5 You will be contracting with the individual car park and will be subject to their Terms and Conditions which may contain exemption clauses and limit each company's liability. Car Park's full Terms & Conditions will be available on request.

    1.6 Any claims by the customer in respect of parking services e.g collection & delivery of vehicle, damage to the vehicle etc must be made against the parking service provider and subject to their terms and conditions.(See 1.8)

    1.7 Compare Your Parking cannot accept liability in any circumstances where performance of the contract is prevented by reason of war, threat of war, riots, terrorist activities, natural disaster, fire or adverse weather conditions etc.

    1.8 All Parking is subject to the terms and conditions of the individual car park and the customer expressly accepts that all claims regarding damage or loss caused by the service provider must be claimed from the service provider. In certain times e.g peak hours, holiday periods or anything beyond service provider's control customers should allow at least up to an hour either side when dropping on collecting their vehicle.

Section : 2 Customer's Responsibilities
  • 2.1 Please ensure you have your booking confirmation voucher/ and or booking reference with you when you travel. This will identify you as an Compare Your Parking customer and enable the service provider to verify your booking.

    2.2 It is your responsibility to obtain chauffeur's telephone number and details of arrival procedure before departing for the airport - any missed bookings, flights or other problems arising from your failure to obtain this information will not be recompensed by Compare Your Parking or any of our affiliates.

    2.3 Please remove all possessions and leave only the keys/codes required to move your vehicle. In the interests of efficient operation, you must be prepared to leave your car keys with car park staff if requested to do so unless otherwise stated. While all the effort is made to accommodate last minute bookings the time of collection can not be guaranteed as it depends on how busy the service provider is at the time and customers should allow enough time as delays are possible.

    2.4 Claims cannot be considered once your vehicle has left the site (Park & Ride) or terminal (Meet & Greet) so please check your vehicle carefully before leaving from car parking site / Airport.

    2.5 You must ensure that, before leaving the vehicle with the car parking company that it is in a roadworthy condition, taxed and holds a current MOT if applicable.

    2.6 If you are charged by the car park because you do not follow the correct parking meet & greet procedure or do not turned up on your booked date-time, Compare Your Parking Ltd may not be able to obtain refunds on your behalf or cannot provide you the receipt of extra charge(s). Customer must contact service provider for extra charge(s) receipt.

Section : 3 Prices
  • 3.1 All prices are for pre-booking.

    3.2 All bookings are subject to a non-refundable booking fee.

    3.3 Please check the product "More Info" for any additional surcharges. These charges are charged by the service provider/car parking company independently and bare no relevance to Compare Your Parking or our advertised prices. In the case where customer changes the service, airport or a different service provider the price difference will be charged accordingly to the current price.

    3.4 Please note some car parks cannot accommodate High-sided or unusually wide vehicles or there may be an extra charge. Please check "MORE INFO" on the product or contact our office for details before making a booking.

Section : 4 Cancellation Policy
  • 4.1 All cancellations must be made directly through Compare Your Parking in order to be valid. (Not with the car park). If a booking is cancelled by the car park or due to any unforeseen circumstances out of our control we will only refund the booking amount paid to us and we are not liable to pay any compensation.

    4.2 Please goto customer support on the website to send your cancellation request with-in office hours only (Monday - Friday 09.00 to 17.00 excluding bank holidays). Alternatively you can do cancellation yourself via manage booking link on our website (Within the cancellation notice period).

    4.3 Cancellation requests can only be actioned within office hours if emailed and are subject to our notice periods (see 4.8, 4.9).

    4.4 No refunds are available for unused part stays.

    4.5 Bookings Fees, SMS and Postal charges are non- refundable.

    4.6 Non-Flexible rate bookings cannot be amended, cancelled or refunded. We reserve the right to cancel any booking.

    4.7 Customers who cancel the booking with Compare Your Parking and wish to re-instate the booking will not get any refund if cancelled thereafter.

    4.8 Less than 72 hours cancellation notice from the date of the departure - Customers will receive no refund.

    4.9 More than 72 hours cancellation notice from the date of the departure - all cancelled bookings are subject to a 20.00 GBP admin charge.

    4.10 Amendments of arrival date to any new future arrival date, where an amendment is requested on drop off /arrival day or within 24 hours prior to arrival date of the original booking. Such modified bookings cannot be amended and are non-refundable, if cancelled thereafter.

Section : 5 Cancellation Cover
  • 5.1 Should a customer wish to cancel they must do so at least 24 hours prior to their departure date in order to be eligible for refund minus the admin fee. The cancellation cover only allows the booking to be cancelled 24 hours prior to departure date and does not waive off the admin fee.

    5.1 No refund will be issued if the cancellation notice is received in less than 24 hours from the departure date.

    5.1 Please click manage booking on our website to send your cancellation request.

    5.1 Cancellation Cover does not apply for bookings made the same day, booked for the following day or in certain products where stated.

    5.1 Booking Fees, Cancellation cover and SMS Charges are non-refundable.

Section : 6 Booking Amendment
  • A. Amendment Email
    • 6.A.1 More than 48 hours amendment notice from the date of the departure - 10.00 GBP admin charges applies.

      6.A.2 Between 24 to 48 hours amendment notice from the date of the departure - 15.00 GBP admin charges applies.

      6.A.3 Less than 24 hours amendment notice from the date of the departure - 20.00 GBP admin charges applies (not guaranteed).

      6.A.4 Please Note: 6.A.1, 6.A.2, 6.A.3 amendment charges not applicable for date change.

  • B. Amendment - Website
    • 6.B.1 Please use Manage Booking to amend your booking online.

      6.B.2 Less than 24 hours from the date of the departure - you cannot amend the booking online.

      6.B.3 You cannot change travel dates.

  • C. Amendment - Travel Date Change
    • 6.C.1 More than 48 hours travel date change notice - 10.00 GBP admin charges plus extra day(s) charges.

      6.C.2 Between 24 to 48 hours travel date change notice - 20.00 GBP admin charges plus extra day(s) charges.

      6.C.3 Less than 24 hours hours travel date change notice - please contact 0203 925 7797 or customer support on the website (not guaranteed).

      6.C.4 Please goto Manage Booking link on the website to amend your booking.

      6.C.5 Amendments of depart date to any new future depart date is not guaranteed, subject to availability.

  • D. Amendment - Non-Flexible Products
    • 6.D.1 Non-Flexible rate bookings cannot be amended, cancelled or refunded.

Section : 7 Refunds
  • 7.1 Refund will only be made to the same payment method you used to pay for the booking.

    7.2 We reserve the right to recall any refunds made as a gesture of goodwill if any of the terms are breached.

Section : 8 Arrival Time
  • 8.1 We strongly request all customers to ensure they arrive at the car park/terminal with plenty of time to achieve their flight check-in.

Section : 9 Parking Conditions
  • 9.1 Your vehicle must be roadworthy condition e.g. valid Tax and MOT, if your vehicle is not roadworthy and you cannot show proof of a new application at the time of your collection you will be refused the service and No refund will be eligible.

    9.2 Compare Your Parking is not responsible in any way once the vehicle has been handed over to or returned by the service provider or whilst in the care of the service provider.

    9.3 The service providers accept no liability for any faulty car keys, alarm fobs, house or other keys left on the key ring. you must ensure you leave the drivers with the right keys, alarm fobs and instructions to start your vehicle.

Section : 10 Complaints Procedure
  • 10.1 Complaints must be made directly to the service provider. Contact details of the the service provider can be found in your booking confirmation email. All documents and receipts must be provided with your complaints.

    10.2 You should expect to receive a reply within 28 working days upon receipt of your complaint.

    10.3 All complaints regarding the provision of service must be lodge here within 24 hours of return to the UK, any complaint received after this time will not be considered. If we have provided a refund upon request as a goodwill gesture and the complaint is closed it can not be opened again for the same issue or it will trigger clause 7.2.

    10.4 If you encounter a problem at your chosen car park, please inform the service provider immediately to give them the opportunity to rectify the problem.

    10.5 If you do not advise the provider at the time it may be difficult to pursue a complaint at a later stage.

    10.6 The service provider reserves the right to move the vehicle within or outside the car parks by driving or otherwise to such extent as the car parking company or its servants may in their discretion think necessary for the efficient arrangement of its parking facilities at the car parks or in emergencies or to avoid accidents or obstructions.

    10.7 The service provider will put their greatest possible extent to assist in any registered complaint, however assistance cannot be guaranteed.

Section : 11 Limitation of Liability
  • 11.1 These Terms and Conditions apply only to bookings made directly through this website.

    11.2 As a booking agent for the service provider, Compare Your Parking is liable to the customer only for losses directly arising from any negligence of the company in processing a booking.

    11.3 The total liability for Compare Your Parking to the client for all claims arising from the use of this website and materials is limited to the cost of the client's booking including both parking and booking fees paid to compareyourparking.co.uk as per the contract.

    11.4 A customer cannot include us in MCOL or any legal action as a result of a dispute with the actual service provider. If a customer starts any legal proceeding due to a dispute with the service provider and involves us in that claim we reserve the right to claim our legal fee/admin costs and any other charges that may incur as a direct or indirect result of that case.

Section : 12 Service Reviews Policy
  • 12.1 All the reviews regarding the service should be posted on the service provider’s review platform. Customers also usually receive an email from us to leave a review about their experience. All the reviews available on our website are real and of the customers who have used the service.

    12.2 No reviews about the service can be left on any of our reviews platform e.g Trust-pilot, Google etc. as we are not the service providers and only offer price comparison for the car parks.

    12.3 Any service reviews left on our reviews platform will be challenged and if not removed immediately upon request we reserve the right to take legal action and further administration / legal costs will be added to the claim.

Section : 13 Distance Selling
  • Regulation 6 (b) of the distance selling regulations 2000 state that contracts for the provision of transport and leisure services while the supplier provides services on a specific date or within a specific period are exempt to the traditional 'cooling off' period placed on select online goods and services. Cancellations are subject to the contractual terms agreed upon within these Terms & Conditions.

Section : 14 Modification
  • Compare Your Parking may at any time modify these Terms and Conditions and your continued use of this website, including telephone bookings will be conditioned upon the Terms and Conditions in force at the time of your use.

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