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Birmingham Airport Parking

Everyone wishes to travel comfortably and not have any sort of troubles or worries plaguing their trip. So, whether you are going on vacation with your family or going to a business meeting, you will want the trip to be as smooth as possible. By planning and booking ahead of time, you are going to make your journey stress-free and enjoyable.

If your flight is to take off from Birmingham Airport, you will surely find yourself amongst many other passengers trying to make it to their flight on time. Being stuck in a crowd can be overwhelming. The overcrowded airport also results in the Birmingham Airport parking being mostly occupied.

In such a situation, there is no need to be frustrated or panicky, as we offer you a solution to all your parking problems with our reliable parking services right here at Compare your Parking. There are plenty of suitable parking options available at Birmingham Airport that are convenient and affordable. We are here to meet all your requirements regarding parking and its hassles. You can sit back and enjoy the rest of your trip if you choose to book with us.

You can easily compare the options available and select the most suitable one according to your needs. Make sure to note the difference between Birmingham Airport parking charges and our off-site service rates. It will simplify the process at Birmingham Airport parking for you by manifolds. It is high time you made your life, including all travel plans, less complicated.


So do not delay any longer; book with us now and be on your way to a pleasant trip.

Parking Options at Birmingham Airport

We offer our customers various parking options, as we understand that every customer has their priority when it comes to travelling. Rest assured that you will find quality services with our Cheap Birmingham Airport Parking services and can have a wonderful trip ahead.

Meet and Greet

For many travellers the number one priority may not be the expense of parking services, it may be time instead. If you require an option where you do need to worry about handling the task of parking your vehicle, then you can choose the Birmingham Airport Parking Meet and Greet service. It is the most suitable choice for those who wish to spend their valuable time on other aspects of their journey.

This service allows you to rest easily as a professional driver will park your car for you. Just hand over the keys to the driver and then make your way to the terminal. You do not have to get on the shuttle bus as the terminal is just a short walk away. It is as quick and easy as that! Surely, travellers, whether flying solo or with family, wish to save time and energy.

Therefore, we offer you a parking service that is free of trouble and worries so that you may relax on your trip out of the country. This is a perfect choice for those who want peace of mind, as your car is parked near the terminal by a professional driver. Since no transfer is required, you do need to waste your time waiting for the bus to arrive. It is also a valid choice for those looking for Birmingham Airport Long Stay Parking.

Once you return and collect your luggage, the driver will be waiting for you at the meeting point with your keys. You may then begin your journey back home with ease. There is no better option for parking, whether you are going on a long or short trip abroad.

Hence, all your parking troubles will be solved with the convenient Meet and Greet service.

Park and Ride

While making your travel plans and jotting down all the tasks you have to accomplish, you also compile your list of expenses. Travelling out of the country is a high enough expenditure on its own without the added cost of parking. Therefore, if you are searching for a parking space that is well within your range of budget, we have the perfect choice for you.

When it comes to reasonable rates, there is no better option for travellers than the Park and Ride services. Simply park your car and get on the shuttle bus, which will transfer you to the terminal. The transfer time takes approximately 10 minutes, and the bus is available at all hours throughout the day.

It is the ideal option for those travelling on a low budget and hoping to spend their money elsewhere. As the transfer time is very short, it is also the best choice regarding swiftness and efficiency. You can find the same level of comfort as the other parking services at a much less expensive rate, making your trip wonderful without overspending.

Thus, Park and Ride service is the most budget-friendly option.

Terminals at Birmingham Airport

The following are the details of the three car parks available in the area of Birmingham Airport Postcode B26 3QJ

Birmingham Airport Car Park 1

Situated next to Birmingham Airport’s terminal building, Car Park 1 offers suitable, hassle-free parking and more than 3,000 spaces in one of the most excellent on-site locations. As a multi-story car park, Birmingham Airport Car Park 1 is served by lift access to all levels and provides stays of any length. Furthermore, it is open throughout the whole day.

It is a reliable parking area for those who wish to have quick access to the terminal. If you choose to park your vehicle in Car Park 1, you can easily walk to the terminal as it is close by. Also, it is a self-parking service, so you can keep your keys and simply head to the check-in point.

Birmingham Airport Car Park 2

When flying out from Birmingham airport, travellers hope to park their car as close to the terminal as possible for their comfort and ease. Therefore, in terms of practicality, many people will wish to utilise the Birmingham Airport Car Park 2 as it is within a 2-minute walk to the terminal. You don't need to wait for the shuttle bus to transfer you to the check-in point.

It is a great choice for those who have to pick up arriving passengers and those planning to stay out of the country for a long time. Not only is it a multi-story car park with access to a lift at all hours, but it also caters to every level with parking for all lengths of stay. Car park 2 has more than 2,000 parking spaces available and is open throughout the entire day every day.

Birmingham Airport Car Park 3

Aside from the on-site car parks, there are also car parks that are not officially located at the Birmingham Airport. Since these parking areas are situated further away from the main terminals, there are free shuttle buses that transfer passengers within 15 minutes. Birmingham Airport Car Park 7 is one such off-site parking area located just off the A45.

The shuttle bus is available every half an hour and transports the travellers to the main terminals. Car Park 7 is a reliable choice for those looking to park their vehicle for a week or maybe longer. Despite being an off-site service, it is still suitable and offers comfort as the shuttle bus is available every day, and you can arrive on time at the check-in point.

Your wish to have a splendid trip at a reasonable rate can be fulfilled by booking with us!

Birmingham Airport Parking Deals

APL Park and Ride

Park & Ride Service
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  • 10 Minutes Transfer Time
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  • Free Shuttle Service
  • Bus Transfers Run Regularly
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